The Trans-Atlantic Platform (T-AP) for Social Sciences and Humanities, an unprecedented collaboration between humanities and social science research funders from South America, North America and Europe, is pleased to announce its third joint research call on Recovery, Renewal and Resilience in a Post-Pandemic World.

Programme description

The COVID-19 pandemic is a major crisis that touches on all aspects of health, social, economic, political, and cultural life. The T-AP research call on Recovery, Renewal and Resilience in a Post-Pandemic World (RRR) aims to address key gaps in our understanding of the dynamic and complex interaction of medium and long-term societal effects of COVID-19 pandemic. This understanding, in turn, should advance knowledge of how to mitigate the negative societal effects of COVID-19 pandemic and support recovery and renewal in a post-pandemic world. Applicants are required to submit novel interdisciplinary and significant SSH research proposals that address one or more of the following five challenges:

  • reducing inequalities and vulnerabilities;
  • building a more resilient, inclusive and sustainable society;
  • fostering democratic governance and political participation;
  • advancing responsible and inclusive digital innovation; and
  • ensuring effective and accurate communication and media.

Applicants must apply as a transnational research project partnership.

Each project must comprise at least three eligible Principal Investigators from at least three different T-AP participating countries from both sides of the Atlantic. Applicants are encouraged to start discussing possible projects with prospective partners.


14.06.2021 23:59:00


Call announcement 12th April 2021
Webinars April and May 2021
Compulsory Intention to submit form deadline 14th June 2021
Closing date for submissions of full proposals 12th  July 2021
Notice of funding decision TBS
Successful Projects start date 1st March 2022

Research discipline



Social sciences

Amount of contribution

The National Science Center will finance projects of Polish research teams selected in the competition with the amount of 600 000 EUR

Update date



Call secretariat:

National Science Center:
dr Michał Futyra, Koordynator Dyscyplin w dziale nauk humanistycznych, społecznych i o sztuce,
Przemysław Puchała, Specjalista ds. współpracy międzynarodowej

International Cooperation Center:
tel. 81 537 54 58/54 98
e-mail: cwm@umcs.pl