The National Science Center has announced an OPUS 20 call for research projects. In this call, in addition to the standard path of application, there is the possibility for conducting research in an international consortium based on the Leading Agency Procedure. Applications for the implementation of projects in international partnership are administratively handled by the Internattional Cooperation Center.

Programme description

In the case of OPUS 20, the LAP cooperation relies on cooperation agreements between the NCN and the following partner institutions:

  • FWF – Austrian Science Fund;
  • GAČR – Czech Science Foundation;
  • ARRS – Slovenian Research Agency;
  • DFG – German Research Foundation;
  • SNSF – Swiss National Science Foundation.

OPUS 20 is also open to funding proposals submitted within the framework of the LAP cooperation (hereinafter referred to as OPUS-LAP proposals):

  • bilateral or trilateral cooperation between a Polish research team and teams from Austria, Slovenia or the Czech Republic (under the Central European Science Partnership – CEUS), in all research disciplines, whereas the Polish research team must apply to the NCN;
  • bilateral cooperation between research teams from Poland and Germany only in the field of Life Sciences and Physical Sciences and Engineering;
  • bilateral cooperation between research teams from Poland and Switzerland – in all research disciplines.

In accordance with the requirements specified in the OPUS call announcement, the OPUS LAP proposal drafted by a Polish research team in cooperation with foreign research teams must be submitted to the NCN by the Polish research team via the ZSUN/OSF submission system by 15 December 2020, 4 p.m..

Source: ncn.gov.pl


15.12.2020 16:00:00


Call announcment: September 15, 2020 
Deadline for submission of applications: December 15, 2020, 4 p.m.


Announcing Institution / Financing Institution

National Science Center

Research discipline

All research disciplines

Amount of contribution

The total of the calls' budget consists of 450 MLN PLN

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