We would like to invite you to check out the next call for joint research projects between Poland and France, which aim is to support the mobility of scientists conducting research projects agreed and carried out jointly. The deadline for submission offers expires on July 22nd, 15:00.

Programme description

The research projects submitted in this call may represent any field of science.

Priority of financing will be given to projects whose subject matter corresponds to the priorities of the Strategic Partnership between the French Republic and the Republic of Poland or the framework program of the European Union Horizon Europe. Each application should indicate the thematic area covered therein, based on the OECD classification.

Projects submitted under the call for applications can be implemented for the period of maximum 24 months, starting from 1 January 2022. The completion date for a given Project cannot come later than 31 December 2023.

The maximum amount of funding a project may receive from NAWA’s budget shall be PLN 25,000. The aforementioned amount can be freely increased with the Applicant’s own funds.

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22.07.2021 15:00:00

Announcing Institution / Financing Institution

Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange

Research discipline

All research disciplines

Amount of contribution

The maximum amount of funding a project may receive from NAWA’s budget shall be PLN 25,000

Types of eligible costs

Under the funds allocated by NAWA, eligible expenditure on the Polish side shall be:

1) Travel expenses of Polish scientists to France – maximum amount for one journey of one scientist shall be PLN 2,000.Travel expenses cover in particular costs of travelling from the place of residence to the place of destination, costs of visas, health insurance costs, costs of third-party liability insurance and costs of accident insurance as well as the costs of testing for the presence of the virus responsible for COVID-19 in connection with a travel as part of the Project.
2) Costs of stay of Polish scientists in France:
a) when a stay lasts for up to 12 days – PLN 350 a day;
b) in the case of longer stays – PLN 4,200 a month, provided that the stay lasts more than 12 and no more than 30 days.

Costs of conducting research and any other costs incurred under the Project shall be ineligible.

The requested Project budget can be reduced as a result of Project evaluation.

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