BEETHOVEN CLASSIC 4 is a follow-up to BEETHOVEN 3 that involves merit-based evaluation of funding proposals for Polish-German research projects performed jointly by the Expert Teams selected by NCN and DFG and external reviewers. The call is open to funding proposals in Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences and the deadline expires 15 December 2020, 4 p.m.

Programme description

The call is addressed at Polish research teams that apply for funding of a research project jointly with the German research team.

In Beethoven CLASSIC 4, funds may be awarded for remuneration of the research team, scholarships for students and PhD students, purchase or manufacturing of research equipment and for other costs necessary to complete the Polish part of the research project.

10,000,000 PLN will be allocated for research tasks to be carried out by the Polish research teams under the Polish-German research projects in Beethoven CLASSIC 4. 

NCN is open to NCN proposals to which joint project descriptions (JPD) are annexed, as well as CVs with the publication lists for the principal investigators and co-investigators of the Polish and German research teams. Information in the JPD, CVs with publication lists must be consistent with information in the appropriate sections of NCN proposals submitted to the ZSUN/OSF system and other annexes thereto.   

PLEASE NOTE: The proposal submission deadline for NCN proposals submitted via the ZSUN/OSF system is 15 December 2020, 4 p.m.

Proposal forms will be available in the ZSUN/OSF system at a later date of which you will be notified.

Research projects may be planned for a period of 24 or 36 months.

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15.12.2020 16:00:00


The call results will be announced on the NCN website  and communicated to the applicants by way of a decision of the NCN Director by the end of October 2021.

Announcing Institution / Financing Institution

National Science Center

Research discipline



Social sciences

Amount of contribution

The budget of the Polish part of the project throughout its performance must be at least 150,000 PLN

Types of eligible costs

The budget of the Polish part of the project throughout its performance must be at least 150,000 PLN. There is no maximum limit of funding but the costs must be justified as regards the subject and scope of research. Detailed information on the costs of research projects funded by the NCN under Beethoven CLASSIC 4 can be found in Annex 2 to the Resolution.

Eligible costs are subdivided into direct and indirect costs.

Direct costs include:

  1. salary:
  1. full time remuneration: funds for full-time employment of the principal investigator or post-doc(s),
  2. additional remuneration for members of the research team,
  3. salaries and scholarships for students and PhD students,
  1. purchase or manufacturing of research equipment, devices and software,
  2. other direct costs, including
  • material and small instruments,
  • outsourced services,
  • business trips, visits and consultations (PLEASE NOTE: The costs of consultations and visits of foreign partners who at the same time receive project funding from the DFG are not eligible),
  • compensation for collective investigators, and
  • other costs that fall in none of the previous categories which comply with the Types of costs in research projects funded by the National Science Centre under the Beethoven CLASSIC 4 call, such as costs of purchasing data/databases or access thereto, specialist publications, teaching aids, costs of publishing the results of research. The cost of publication of monographs may be incurred once positively reviewed by the NCN

Costs of promotion of the project and project result may be planned in the project.

Indirect costs may not exceed 20% of direct costs. In addition, indirect costs of up to 2% of direct costs may be spent on Open Access to publications and research data.

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Humanities: Dr. Niklas Hebing
tel: +49 228 885-2949
e-mail: niklas.hebing@dfg.de

Social sciences: Dr. Tanja Kollei
tel: +49 228 885-2321,
e-mail: tanja.kollei@dfg.de

Dr. Magdalena Dej
tel: +48 12 341 9171
e-mail: magdalena.dej@ncn.gov.pl

International Cooperation Center:
tel. 81 537 54 58/54 98
e-mail: cwm@umcs.pl