The Canon Foundation announced the call for proposals for researchers who would like to conduct research in Japan. Applications in the program can be submitted until February 15, 2021.

Programme description

Canon Foundation Fellowships are for a minimum period of three months up to maximum of one year.

The foundation supports all fields of research. There are no limitations or restrictions. Applicants do not have to be currently enrolled or employed at the time of applying.

Canon Fellows from Europe are free to choose their host institutes and hosts in Japan. The same freedom is given to Japanese Canon Fellows coming to Europe. Canon Foundation Research Fellowships may be applied for when an agreement on co-operation and on a research plan has been reached between the guest researcher and the proposed host institution.

All Europeans are eligible to apply (including Israel, Turkey, Balkan and Baltic countries).

Applicants should have obtained at least a Master’s or PhD degree within the last ten years of applying to the Canon Foundation. We will also consider candidates who obtained their qualification more than ten years ago as long as they provide further supporting information in their application.

Please note that priority is given to applicants going to Europe and Japan for the first time.

Applications should be made through our online application form. After registering, you will be directed to the application form.

Here you can check the list of documents which need to be uploaded before your application can be submitted.

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The annual deadline for applications is usually September 15 but because as a result of Covid-19, the deadline has been extended to 15 February, 2021. There will be no cut-off date in 2020. This means that the earliest start date that an applicant can apply to do research will be from September 2021 until December 2022. The Selection Committee’s final decisions will be emailed to applicants by mid-May 2021.

Announcing Institution / Financing Institution

Canon Foundation

Research discipline

All research disciplines

Amount of contribution

The financial support for Research Fellows ranges from 22,500 Euro to 27,500 Euro per year and pro-rata for different periods

Types of eligible costs

The financial support for Research Fellows ranges from 22,500 Euro to 27,500 Euro per year and pro-rata for different periods. The Canon Foundation gives priority to those who plan to travel to Europe or Japan rather than prolong a current stay.

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